Viera High Singers will perform with Rocktopia at King Center


Members of the Viera High choir group, known as the Viera High Singers, go through a number with teacher Kevin Albright, right. The Singers will perform with the touring group Rocktopia at the King Center on April 21.

photo by Carl Kotala

Imagine taking music from classical composers such as Beethoven, Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky and mixing it with works of classic rock groups like The Who, Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd for a one-of-a-kind performance.

Well, the touring group Rocktopia has figured it out.

And when the show comes to the King Center at 8 p.m. April 21, a group of Viera High students will be there to help.

“There’s parts of the songs where we’re background music for them and there’s other parts where the entire chorus of a song is us singing it, which is weird because it’s taking artists you would hear in (classic rock) music and applying it in four-part harmonies that you don’t usually hear with that,” Viera senior Brittany Antonellis said.

Viera High choral director Kevin Albright said the opportunity to perform with the professional touring group came when he got an email from the Brevard County Resources Office asking if any high school choirs would be willing to perform in the show.

“Whenever these kind of things come about, which isn’t very often, we certainly want to take that opportunity to give our students that chance to be part of a professional production and to see everything that goes into it, and to be on that stage again,” Albright said.

Members of the advanced class, known as the Viera High School Singers, appeared on the King Center stage two years ago, appearing with well-known Scottish singer Susan Boyle.

Antonellis and senior Stephanie Schiller were on the stage that night and it’s certainly something they won’t forget.

“When we performed with Susan Boyle, it was definitely like, ‘Wow, we’re performing at the King Center in front of all these people,’” Schiller said. “It was a little nerve-wracking, but the fact that we were all doing it together was more calming.”

Antonellis agreed.

“It was cool to have people to lean back on because it’s really intimidating when you’re with an artist that’s so well known … you’re standing and all you see are bright lights and you see heads going all the way back,” she said.

“It’s like you’re outnumbered.”

Unlike the Susan Boyle performance, where the Viera choir assisted with four numbers, there are only two pieces in the entire Rocktopia show that won’t feature them.

In one piece, there will be a mixture of music from Strauss, The Who, Mozart and Styx.

“They do this kind of mashup thing where they found classical pieces that mix well into rock pieces,” Albright said. “It flows in between the styles. It’s truly classical at some points and it’s truly just rock music at some points and sometimes it’s a mixture of the two. It’s really unique.”

Members of this year’s Viera High Singers include: Jack Adams, Alex Aebli, Samuel Alamo-Cintron, Antonellis, Bailey Antonition, Nivetha Aravind, Isobel Avento, Angelina Brink, Matthew Cardillo, Sierra Connor, Gabrielle Crescenzi, Hannah Dearing, Alyssa Denardis, Timothy Flay, Ashlee Fritz, Megan Halter, Rachel Heaps, Anthony Hernandez, Naiah Hernandez, Parker Howard, Ashley Jenkins, Shannon Lamontagne, Sara Matta, Lindsey Mattessich, Allison McDowell, Elynor McFarland, Claire Mitchell, Matthew Morgenstern, Sydney Patterson, Tionna Picinich, John Sayut, Schiller, Christopher Silvernail, Korbin Szabo, Kaitlyn Van Schaick, Casey Wilson and Margaret Woods.

Tickets for the show range from $45.25 to $102.25 and can be purchased at the King Center box office or website.