Farid, Gutta named Holy Trinity’s valedictorian, salutatorian


Holy Trinity's Chris Farid, left, and Sanja Gutta will be the valedictorian and the salutatorian of this year's senior class.

Viera Voice Carl Kotala


The first time Chris Farid met Sajan Gutta in seventh grade, he remembers thinking, “Oh, this is going to be interesting.”

Now, after pushing each other academically for the past six years, the two Holy Trinity students — and Viera residents — have been named the valedictorian and the salutatorian of this year’s senior class.

“I think it’s a good representation of all the hard work we put in through high school,” Gutta said. “But I think the real reward will be getting to go to the colleges we want to go to.”

Farid, who took 13 Advanced Placement classes as well as a course in differential equations at Florida Tech, has a 4.90 grade-point average. He already has been accepted at Johns Hopkins University.

“I’m going into pre-med, and also, I do a lot of music. They have the Peabody Conservatory. So they have an incredible music program and they’re one of the best for pre-med.

“It just felt (right). And they don’t have a core curriculum, so I don’t have to take any English or History classes. I really liked all that put together, and Baltimore is a pretty interesting city.”

Gutta, who took 14 AP classes along with an online course in business law, has a 4.88 GPA. He still is waiting to hear from his top college choices.

“I would do computer science and economics and then I would potentially minor in either entrepreneurship, or I also have interest in sports management,” Gutta said.

Both students believe that being able to push each other through the years has been quite beneficial.

“I think it was good for us,” Gutta said. “It started out being more competitive than it ended up being at the end. But it was good because it led us to do the extra things that will pay off now with college applications.”

Neither student was sure what they plan to say at graduation.

“My hair is pretty big, and the cap doesn’t really fit,” Farid said. “I might make a joke about that in my speech. But other than that, I’m not sure yet.”