New app will revolutionize Internet reading at the speed of sight


Suntree/Viera Library director Mary Scholtz said the new app Spritz is positioned to revolutionize the way we read Internet content on our personal e-devices.

Photo by Mike Gaffey

According to Suntree/Viera Library director Mary Scholtz, the way we absorb information online is about to change.

“As if there were not already enough change in the digital world, I think this is going to be incredible for those who are interested,” Scholtz said.

Spritz is a tool that eliminates the eye’s need to move from left to right when it reads. Instead, the eye stays in place and a single word is fed to it at a rate that can make the standard novel a 90-minute read. Reading speeds can easily triple.

“Your eyes don’t have to move, and instead each word is rapidly streamed to one spot at a speed you choose, which enables you to read more in less time,” Scholtz said, adding that a letter in the center of the word is colored red to help the brain focus. “It’s really quite easy to do.”

Right now, there is an easy download to an Internet browser that can speed e-read nearly any website. Eventually, it will be imbedded in smart phones, initially going out in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 smart watch this past April a month after its official launch. The company has not yet determined how to distribute or price the technology, but recently released a paid app called ReadMe!

Scholtz reported the advancement in a recent issue of The Liaison, the quarterly newsletter for the Friends of the Suntree/Viera Library, in which she highlights news that affects libraries and readers.

“In the past couple of years, our patrons have been thrilled to be able to check out e-books and read them on their tablets, smart phones or good old desktop or laptop PCs,” Scholtz said. “I think that for those who are interested, this will really take them to the next level in consuming information, including products offered in our collection.”

The technology is under development by Spritz CEO and co-founder Frank Waldman with partner Maik Maurer “to create a product that enables the fastest delivery system for content in an age where we consume so much on tiny-screen phones,” according to a report in

Spritz utilizes a speed-reading method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation. When the eyes fixate on one point, the brain has a higher chance of quickly processing the word and its meaning, and saves time by no longer having to constantly reposition the eye from word to word, or find the proper sentence line when moving back from right to left. 

The company is experimenting with other services to determine how it can enhance delivery, such as Facebook or Twitter. Long threads of tweets or detailed Facebook statuses could be read in a few seconds, for example.

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