Wanted: Christians willing to stand for religious, civil liberties


Give Me Liberty Tour founder Arthur Ally hopes to recruit leaders from churches willing to take a stand civically at the 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9 event at St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Suntree.

Arthur Ally was fed up and decided he wasn’t going to take it any more. The creator of a Bible-based mutual fund popular in Brevard, he took a leave of absence from his company and launched the Give Me Liberty Tour to rouse fellow believers from their complacency to contend with rapid changes he feels are leading to tyranny and loss of freedom.

“Frederick Douglass said it so well. He said he prayed on his knees for the end of slavery, but it wasn’t until he got on his feet that things started to change,” said Ally, who is bringing the tour to Brevard from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9 at St. Katherine’s Greek Orthodox Church in Suntree. The tour brings popular conservative Christian voices to speak Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights across Florida through the end of October.

At age 72, Ally decried his generation as being too busy chasing prosperity to take proper care of the country the Greatest Generation laid their life on the line to preserve.

“We are all standing by while our religious freedoms are laid to waste, afraid to take a stand while a vocal minority scares us silent, our silence a tacit approval,” said Ally, founder of Timothy Plan funds, which is sponsoring the tour.

The tour hopes to recruit a core panel of Bible-believing leaders from churches who are willing to be civic leaders as well. 

Local spiritual leaders like St. Katherine’s pastor Fr. Demetri Tsigas are already on board.

“If you look around the world right now, you can see countries where religious freedoms and civil liberties are already lost, and we are on that path. America is the last line of defense,” Tsigas said. 

“This event is for anyone concerned about the condition of our nation and the path we are on. This a free, non-partisan, religious freedom conference open to all. .”

St. Katherine’s is at 5965 N. Wickham Rd. in Suntree. For more information, go to givemelibertytour.org.