Viera continues to be a dream come true for Duda family


Viera welcomes newcomers daily to join the close-knit community.

VIERA VOICE Courtesy of Nina Salvaggio

As Viera continues to grow, a dream is unfolding for the Duda family. The Dudas, founders of Viera, always have had faith in their dreams.

Viera means faith in Slavic, and the Duda family’s faith and vision has served them well. Faith has paved a path to prosperity for the Dudas, through both agricultural operations and the development of Viera, the master planned community which is currently flourishing as construction keeps pace with buyer demand.

So just who are the Dudas and what is their vision? It is a story rich with history and family ties. The Dudas first came to Brevard as immigrants from Slovakia. After accumulating plots of land, the family started the A. Duda & Sons, Inc. in 1926. A. Duda and Sons, Inc. is a 91-year-old diversified land company, consisting of agriculture, ranching and real estate operations. Third-generation Dudas established The Viera Company, a subsidiary of A. Duda & Sons, Inc. and the master developer for Viera.

Viera was once a 38,000-acre parent track called the Cocoa Ranch,” said Todd J. Pokrywa, the Senior Vice President, Land Use Planning and Development, The Viera Company. “In the ’80s, future planning commenced when the Duda family started thinking about what the property was going to be when it (grew) up. By 1992, the first community, Hammock Lakes was underway in Viera East.”

Fast forward 25 years to 2017. Viera is a top-selling master-planned community in the United States. There are a little more than 20,500 acres of neighborhoods, restaurants and business parks, along with an emerging town center and numerous tree-lined trails. Home to approximately 23,000 residents, Viera continues to sell houses to a diverse market. Vision has become reality as the Dudas’ master-planned community unfolds.

“We offer something for all ages and income levels —  single-family homes, villas, retirement communities, even apartments,” Pokrywa said. “There is everything from the highest priced on the north end with Adelaide, which is a million-plus community, to Viera’s first modern luxury design in the neighborhood of Modern Duran to new multi-family rental communities.”

What started as an agriculture enterprise continues to grow as Viera expands to the west and south. While Viera is experiencing a building boom, the master-planned community continues to include plenty of green space. Pokrywa said there are more than 100 miles of hard and soft trails throughout the community of Viera.

“It’s one of the features we pride ourselves on, and the trail system is consistently rated the number one amenity that residents and prospective buyers value,” Pokrywa said. “We’ve worked hard to integrate the trail system between neighborhoods and other destinations in the community, such as The Avenue Viera, the Viera Regional Park, Brevard Zoo, and the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera.”

According to Nina Salvaggio, community communications specialist for The Viera Company, the development process also includes commitment for an approximately 5,300-acre Viera Wilderness Park habitat protection area. That conservation area is in addition to the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands.

“Our community parks are readily accessible to Viera neighborhoods,” Salvaggio said. “In each neighborhood, you can traverse the community in order to get to community or Near Quest Elementary, Strom Park has many new families. <i>  | Photo by  VIERA VOICE Courtesy of Nina Salvaggio <i/>neighborhood parks via the trail system and community sidewalks.”

Many new communities are under way, each with a unique concept. Some are gated, some offer unique services such as lawn maintenance. Arrivas Village, located near The Avenue Viera, has a neo-traditional concept with alleys and a Spanish Colonial architecture style. Trasona Cove incorporates a coving urban planning style and is highlighted by winding roads and varying home setbacks.

“Trasona Cove east and west is a coving community,” Pokrywa said. “The layout of the curved streets and neighborhoods results in a design that uses less infrastructure. “This creates different lot sizes and interesting views, along with a trail system that links those neighborhoods to other destinations throughout the community.”

To the east of Trasona is Kerrington, with lots offered within both gated and non-gated segments. Other Addison Village neighborhoods include Reeling Park, which will offer some homes similar to Arrivas Village, Seville with acclaimed custom and regional builders, Loren Cove offering duplexes and four-plexes, and Bridgewater, a 55-plus community.

Viera’s master plan stresses the building of a community and a town rather than just a subdivision. Part of that vision includes the village concept.

“Addison Village is the first of four villages,” Salvaggio said. “Each village will offer unique amenities such as trails, recreational space, parks and daily-needs retail.”

Thanks to an evolving vision, Viera’s carefully designed developments ensure a sense of timelessness and value that will sustain the community long into the future. Like Viera, the Duda family keeps growing. The family includes 208 members of the third through sixth generations. The Duda Company is led by CEO David Duda, a fourth-generation family member.

Viera isn’t even halfway complete after 28 years, so we still have a long way to go,” Pokrywa said. “We continue to diversify our range of product offerings so we can respond to buyers’ interest throughout the entire spectrum of the market.”