New CEO embraces technology at Aging Matters


South Dakota native Josh Jensen joined Aging Matters in Brevard as its new president and CEO in February.


Josh Jensen joined Aging Matters in Brevard as its new president and CEO in February.

Since then, Jensen’s focus has been on technology and how it can be used to help the not-for-profit organization run more smoothly while helping Brevard’s senior population remain independent as well.

“One of the things I bring to the table of Aging Matters is my belief in technology to embrace not just the staff, but our clients as well,’’ Jensen said. “There are a lot of ways for seniors to maintain independence and we want to tap into that.”

Jensen speaks of his vision of installing telehealth technology in senior apartment housing in Brevard County — similar to a project he once worked on in his previous position in Minnesota through a state grant — designed to help prevent hospital admissions for seniors.

Telehealth technology sends seniors simple reminders to take their medications and to do their exercises for rehabilitation through an internet connection.

The software is installed into the cable TV box and has a designated telephone number so that a physician, physical therapist or pharmacist can transmit a photo, video or a written reminder to the senior through a smartphone.

“On a smaller scale, we are taking a look at technology organization-wide, such as iPads for our senior dining managers so they can do their jobs better at the site,” Jensen said. “As an organization, we have many opportunities that can move us forward as a staff and also for seniors caring for themselves. We are trying to get away from paper.”

Aging Matters in Brevard has two groups of clients that are served, those ages 75 to more than 100 years old, and volunteers in the 55-and-older range, who are physically able to assist and provide support and services.

“We’re always looking at our clients, how we may best provide for them and help them maintain their independence. It’s an ongoing process,” Jensen said.

On July 23, the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) will conduct its volunteer fair at the Sunflower House, located in the Merritt Square Mall.

There will be 14 volunteer stations, such as the Brevard Community Kitchen, the Brevard Veterans Memorial Center, the Hospice of St. Francis and the various sharing centers and senior centers, among others.

“The greatest need is always delivery drivers for Meals on Wheels, transportation through Senior TranServe, Vets driving Vets, volunteering at sharing centers, senior centers and income tax assistance,” said Sherri Law, the Aging Matters Director of Advancement.

The not-for-profit also hosts a number of classes at the Sunflower House, such as senior housing workshops, grief counseling, health education and has a caregiver education and resource program.

“We’re going to be looking, as an organization, at new ways to keep seniors healthy and independent and in their own homes,” Jensen said.

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