Virus concerns prompt restrictions for Brevard Zoo’s Treetop Trek


Treetop Trek’s Dan Deusinger wears a mask to protect himself and others during the COVD-19 pandemic.

George White

Safety procedures at Treetop Trek Aerial Adventures at the Brevard Zoo now include COVID-19 measures meant to ensure social distancing, even while climbing in groups in the treetops.

“To ensure the safety of our staff, guests and animals, we’ve implemented changes to the Treetop Trek experience. To ensure proper social distancing, we have limited the number of guests visiting Treetop Trek each day,’’ said zoo communications manager Elliot Zirulnik.

The new hours for Treetop Trek are from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., with the chutes and ladders course closed. The other temporary restrictions include:

All adults and children 7 and older must have a mask or covering to enter Treetop Trek. Everyone will be required to wear it while going through training in the briefing area, However, the mask does not need to be worn on the course.

All Treetop Trek guests (except passholders) must purchase a timed-entry ticket in advance online. Passholders do not need a timed-entry ticket.

Only guests who arrive together will be trained together and put on the course together. Each party is expected to practice social distancing from another party while on the course.

All guests are expected to practice 6 feet of social distancing while waiting in line to check in.

“The guidelines listed below are temporary and will be lifted once it is safe to do so,” Zirulnik said. “Changes can occur at any time. Please understand these are set in place for the safety of everyone. Masks must be worn upon arrival, but they can be removed once on the course. As has always been the case, equipment is sanitized between uses."

Keeping the courses running safely is the responsibility of a well-trained staff, some with several years under their belts,  spokesman Scott McQueen said.

 “We are looking for people who enjoy working outside with a sense of adventure,” he said. “We have a wide array of staff from all walks of life and job histories. From the novice, with little to no experience, to expert level climbers, hikers and thrill seekers,’’ he said.

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