Already retired, some seniors continue to work for the fun of it

Carl Coppola works for the nonprofit food pantry and homeless housing and thrift store at the Sharing Center in Melbourne.


Almost 23 percent of Brevard County’s population is 65 or older, according to county statistics from July 2015.

Of that group, many continue to work part-time jobs either out of need or just for the desire to keep working.

Carl Coppola, 74, works with a nonprofit food pantry and helps with homeless housing and a thrift store.

“I lived in Atlanta in the restaurant business for a while and did a lot of various businesses and made some bad investments,” Coppola said. “I moved to Florida in 2009 and rented a room from my ex-wife to share expenses.”

He began working at the Sharing Center in Brevard County. Volunteering for a short while, Coppola was hired to run the thrift store “which was beneficial to help my financial situation a lot. I have been with them ever since” now working from full time to three
days a week.

Coppola also uses some of his free time to make money by buying and selling on eBay.

Bill Fisk, 63, works full time for Career Source Brevard in Palm Bay. A former funeral director, not yet at full retirement age, he looks forward to now helping people find jobs.

“I am doing exactly what I want to do in the future from year to year,” Fisk said. “If I lose this contract job, I will hunt for another one and keep doing that until I can’t do it anymore. I love what I am doing.”

Fisk spends some of his spare time hiking and enjoying birdwatching.

Denny Brader of Melbourne is a driver who picks up and delivers cars for Enterprise Holdings.

It is “the most fun job I have ever had,” he said. “It is part-time. When I was laid off in insurance due to downsizing, I had to have a job to help pay the bills. But if I didn’t have the need, I would still be doing this because I would be bored if I didn’t have something to do.”

Brader fills his spare time enjoying his Ford Mustang and car shows.

Hobbies and other activities fill the other hours for many of the retirees.