North Brevard pastors unite in prayer and purpose

During the recent “Lives on the Line” rally organized by “The Church is One in North Brevard,” members of the Titusville Police Department demonstrate how they protect and serve citizens of all ages.


“The Church is One in North Brevard,” read the signs on the lawns of many churches in Titusville and the northern section of the county.

It expresses the church’s involvement in the organization.

Organizers said The Church is One in North Brevard consists of about 50 pastors and ministry leaders who meet weekly to ask God’s blessing on the community.

Participating churches represent many denominations including Assembly of God, Baptist, Episcopal, Independent, Methodist and Presbyterian. They set aside whatever difference they may have in order to unite.

“We gathered around this whole thought of unity,” said Sandy Robertson, one of the group’s leaders and pastor of New Covenant Fellowship in Titusville.

The organization began several years ago with five pastors, concerned about the closing of the shuttle program and its effect on the community’s families, businesses and churches.

“We prayed for those workers and their families and about how we could help them,” Robertson said.

One result was the Joseph Fund, which helped laid-off workers bridge the gap with mortgage payments.

During the recent “Lives on the Line” rally organized by “The Church is One in North Brevard,” Pastors Ira Lightsey (St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church) and Sandy Robertson (New Covenant Fellowship) pray for the Titusville Police Department. <i>  | Photo by SENIOR LIFE Dan Reigada <i/> The pastors’ group continues to fold their hands in prayer and extend them in service to others.

Some of the churches contribute to a food pantry at Hope Community Fellowship. Young people in participating congregations take part in the Titusville Project, utilizing their spring break to assist the elderly with painting or home repairs, or to perform other community services.

The organization also initiated “40 Days of Generosity,” a project during which churches, civic organizations, businesses and individuals performed acts of kindness in the community.

The campaign helped raise more than $200,000 by partners and individuals toward the construction of the recently opened splash pad at Sandpoint Park and $42,000 for the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.

Recently, the group organized a “Lives on the Line” rally, during which the community honored and prayed for law enforcement officers, firefighters and first-responders.

The Church is One in North Brevard regularly prays for these groups, as well as the Titusville City Council and others in authority.

“The churches are better off because we work together,” said Roger Hackenberg, pastor at Hope Community Fellowship. “We’ve become friends. There is no competition.”