Veterans organization seeks help for homeless

Volunteers of America of Florida continues to help homeless veterans in Brevard and throughout the state

I’ve said many times before that there is a lot that we can do to help homeless veterans.

A way to be of assistance is by helping those who help veterans. There are many organizations in Brevard County doing just that.

One such organization is VOA Florida, a faith-based human services organization that serves people across the state, including in Brevard.

“We are a homeless veteran supportive services and housing assistance,” said Michelle Auclair, program manager for VOA Florida. “Our job is to work with the most vulnerable.”

The Brevard branch of the organization based in Cocoa, operates Veterans Village, a complex of 40 transitional apartments that is a temporary home to about 80 people. Presently, among the residents, are five families, two with children.

The veterans live at the apartments in Cocoa and receive counseling, classes and support services to help them transition into permanent homes. About 15 move into the transitional housing complex or leave for permanent housing each month. If you are looking for a way to help, the organization can use your assistance.

Each time veterans leave for a permanent home, VOA allows them to take bed sheets and towels to help them in their transition. They must then replace sheets, towels and washcloths for the other veterans moving into Veterans Village.

VOA is asking for donations of twin-size sheets, towels and washcloths. The non-profit organization also accepts cash. Donations can be dropped off at VOA at 906 Peachtree Street in Cocoa. Potential donors also can call VOA at 321-252-4367.

I have written about other organizations that assist veterans and particularly those helping homeless veterans. Those who assist homeless veterans will tell you that Brevard residents care. They pitch in to help those organizations. Many of the organizations depend on the public for volunteers, financial and material help.

Auclair said there has been a decrease in homelessness in Brevard in recent months. There are about 150 veterans in transitional homes and another 45 who are not in homes. Some of those homeless won’t accept leaving their wooded camps, though there is help available for them through VOA and other organizations.

“There is no reason a veteran should be homeless in Brevard,” she said.