Treetop Trek adds Black Diamond section

Since the zoo’s Treetop Trek Aerial Experience opened in 2011, it has been providing visitors a unique challenge of zip lines, tightropes, jungle bridges, nets and more, including a Tarzan-style swinging rope. Most of the courses overlook animal exhibits in the 

La Selva loop of the zoo, and they range in difficulty from the children’s course to the newest and most difficult addition, the Black Diamond section.

If you want to bring your smallest grandchildren, Chutes and Ladders is the course they’ll take. It’s for children 36 inches to 60 inches tall, with 20 treetop games, two zip lines and a zip slide. The cost for children is $15. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian from the ground, but parents and guardians do not need tickets.

For beginners and larger children, the Canopy Walk is an introductory course. From 20 feet above the ground, participants will have the opportunity to see monkeys, giant anteaters and a variety of tropical birds. The minimum height for participants is 54 inches and the cost is $30.

If the Canopy Walk alone is too tame for you, the Treetop Challenge extends it and, until recently, was the zoo’s most advanced option. With multiple high stakes challenges and zip lines 40 feet above the ground — including one over the alligator exhibit — this course was made for the daring. The cost is $50 and is for participants at least 54 inches tall.

Finally, the newest and most physically demanding course is the Black Diamond section, which extends the Treetop Challenge by 15 to 20 minutes. It doesn’t go higher and it has no animal sightings, but undivided focus will help for the new challenges as they require good balance and plenty of upper body strength. Since the Black Diamond section is right in the middle of the Treetop Challenge course, subsequent obstacles will seem even more difficult for worn-out participants. It is a $15 add-on to the Treetop Challenge.

For all courses, participants must wear closed, secure, athletic footwear. Long hair should be tied back, and shorts should come to at least mid-thigh for comfort in the harness. For more information, visit or call 321-254-9453 ext. 253.

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