Challenge Yourself!

Last year’s Mayors’ Fitness Challenge changed Pamela Williams’ life in a positive way.

“I got into exercise and made a lot of new friends,’’ said Williams, a 58-year-old resident of Rockledge who grew up in Vermont. “I was walking, and I had never done a water aerobics class. I lost 19 pounds in just over 12 weeks.’’

After a day of work at Cape Canaveral Hospital as an operation room surgery scheduler, Williams has an exercise partner waiting at home.

“My Border Collie will turn 16 in April,’’ said Williams, who has two adult children who live out of state. “Since she was a puppy, we usually walk a mile around the pond loop at Levitt Park. Pets are really important, especially if you’re single. It’s nice to come home to something.’’

In the fall of 2016, Williams enrolled in the initial class for the Rockledge Citizens’ Police Academy.

“It made me realize how much I like to shoot,’’ Williams said. “I really love the range.’’