Couples Share love of NASA, gym

If Bill Larson sees a basketball and a nearby basket, odds are he’ll take a few shots.

“It makes the workouts at the gym fun,’’ said Larson, who retired from NASA in 2012 and has worked as a contractor at times since then. “I loved basketball when I was young. I try to keep my muscle tone by working on the machines, and shooting a basketball is something I like to do. I can still shoot, but I can’t jump much.’’

There was a time that Terri Larson, 60, dreaded going to the gym with her husband.

“The first time at the gym was very hard,’’ Terri Larson said. “It helps to have someone go with you. Once you get into a routine, it gets so much easier.’’

Bill Larson, 63, did aeronautical research for NASA in Hampton, Va. before the couple moved to Brevard County in 1989.

“My father was part of the Apollo program, so I always wanted to work down here,’’ Larson said. “Kennedy is such an exciting place to work. Down here, it’s always something new. Things crop up and we go solve it.’’

Some of Larson’s favorite projects included working with wind tunnels, figuring out how to get propellant on the Moon and Mars as part of a gas station in space and looking at the south pole of the Moon to prospect for water and ice.

Another fun project was the vomit comet and NASA’s studies on weightlessness.

Terri Larson taught second, third and fourth grade at Tropical Elementary School on Merritt Island for 10 years. She also taught children in the gifted program.

“One of my favorite memories as a retired teacher was to do a summer internship through NASA. During a special event, I was able to go up on the launch pad and shuttle.’’

Larson teaches a life group at Suntree United Methodist.

“As you get older, you have to stay involved in the community,’’ Larson said. “It’s important to just have fun. I like to walk and I enjoy yard work. As far as nutrition, I drink lots of water.’’