Ellen Mongan

Ellen Mongan loves the way her life turned out after her children became adults and began to pursue their own interests.

Mongan, 64, was a young flight attendant when she met her husband and eventually married in 1974. He became a physician after graduating from the University of Miami.

“Each kid has different gifts and we let them go for it,’’ said Mongan, who had eight children. “I have a Type A personality. That’s when you keep moving forward in mind, body and soul.’’

Mongan became a Christian radio and television personality, who also wrote columns for The Augusta Chronicle.

“I could have said that I’m not qualified to be a writer,’’ Mongan said. “You have to go into everything with confidence.’’

Mongan hopes to make her presence known in Brevard County.

“I want to keep on trying new things and never be stagnant,’’ Mongan said. “I want to go to new places and meet new people. I don’t want to be afraid to walk on the way.’’

The journey will not be a secret — if she has her way.

“I want to teach the next generation and make a difference in this world,’’ Mongan said. “I can do this and leave a footprint on the world. Words are important and the words you say are important.’’