Financial security bolsters active, comfortable retirement

Jack Belbey is quick to credit advice from his parents for establishing a foundation for a comfortable retirement.

“My parents drilled into me, ‘Save, save, save’ when I was younger.’’ said the 64-year-old retired business software developer. “I’m financially secure. My philosophy is to earn a dollar and save that dollar. Then, you won’t have to earn it again. So many people have never saved any money and they’ll have to work forever.’’

Belbey wakes up early at 6:30 or 7 a.m.
each day and goes to the gym after breakfast. Afternoons vary with a trip to the beach or the community pool. More often than not, he reads both in the afternoon and at night.

“I had no time to read when I was younger and working six days a week,’’ Belbey said. “There are so many classics that I have not read like Hemingway and others.’’

Belbey also runs three miles every
other day.

“I’ve knocked 5Ks off of my bucket list,’’ said Belbey, who grew up in New Jersey and lived in various states during his working career. “It’s important to learn how to deal with stress in a positive way and not let it get to you.’’

Eventually, Belbey plans to get busier with volunteering or working part time.

“I might get restless, but there’s some islands that I need to see first,’’ Belbey said. “I’ve been to Greece and Crete when I spent 2½ years in Germany in the service, but I’ve yet to see any islands in the Caribbean yet. I’d love to go to the Bahamas, Aruba and the Virgin Islands. All those islands are appealing. I’d also love to visit the Mayan pyramids.’’

But, with his Irish roots, Ireland is at the top of his list for a dream vacation.