It's a Colorful Life

It’s not a coincidence that seniors in Brevard County who live the longest have hobbies and passions that keep them busy throughout their lives.

While a passion, hobby or activity won’t guarantee a colorful 100th birthday party, it sure helps. There’s too much to do in Brevard County to dread retirement and all the free time that comes with it.

The beach beckons with its changing weather and mystery. There’s no such thing as a bad day at the beach.

Fishing and boating on the Intracoastal Waterway might not offer the tasty seafood of years gone by, but it still offers the fun of watching manatees wallow in the water with a smile on their faces.

Watch out for the alligators!

Within this issue of the Boomer Guide, check out the listings for all the museums and historical places to visit in the county. That’s a good way to remain young through thinking and visualizing. Education doesn’t have to halt after college.

The theatre listings give out the five phone numbers for Brevard’s five prominent local theatres. Try out for a role. There might be a hidden thespian out there.

Tired of paying a lot of money for a gym membership on a limited budget? Senior centers throughout the county have gyms and athletic equipment to use for virtually no cost.

If money isn’t a problem, there’s a club for almost every athletic pursuit imaginable. Be sure to get a physical from a doctor before becoming an athlete again.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to strike a pose in a yoga class before donning the cleats for a senior softball game. Stretching a little will prevent that painful hamstring tear.

Florida’s comfortable climate provides a lot of opportunity for gardening. Several clubs offer advice on what fruits or vegetables to plant.

Dust off the case that holds that violin or guitar. There are musical groups of all genres that need talented musicians and singers to fill out a few openings.

Pursue the passions of the fabulous years of life whether it was in childhood or as an adult during the care-free years before raising children became the No. 1 priority.

Those same children might want to join in the fun as roles change and life becomes a little more interesting.