Second time at love suits active couple

Kevin Givens and Michell Mimi Ann Givens love being together. The two were high school sweethearts in Rhode Island.


Don’t throw away that invitation to an upcoming high school reunion. Just ask Michell Mimi Ann Givens and Kevin Givens.

The high school sweethearts from Warwick, Rhode Island, who now live in Suntree, chatted at their 20th high school reunion in 2001. They quickly learned that their love for each other still was present. They have been  married for the past 15 years.

“I don’t think of him as just my  husband,’’ Mimi Givens  said. “I think of him as my soul mate. Our biggest passion is for each other. Staying in love takes a commitment. After high school, I went to college and he went to the Air Force.’’

Kevin Givens, who will turn 57 in April and is a retired Air Force senior master sergeant, loves riding his Victory  motorcycle and playing golf at Patrick Air Force Base. He is an engineer  manager for Collins Aerospace.

“We just love being together,’’ Kevin Givens said. “I’ll pick that first over everything.’’

Mimi, 55, teaches seventh-grade English at Holy Trinity Episcopal  Academy. She also paints.

Her never-ending battle with arthritis is a motivation to exercise on a consistent basis.

“I try to move around every day,’’ said Mimi, who graduated from Harvard University and earned her master’s degree at Rhode Island College. “I think it’s easy to let a break (from exercise) turn into a lifestyle. It’s hard to make time but, after I was diagnosed with bad arthritis, I realized motion is the lotion. Exercise is not just about looking good.’’

Yoga in the morning in a passion for Mimi. Later in the day, she likes to lift weights, ride a bike or take a power walk with her husband.
After that, Kevin prepares dinner.

“I like cooking everything,’’ Kevin said. “Chinese, Mexican, Indian or barbecue — I like to try everything. It’s something to do after work, and I like using my hands.’’

Non-stop flights from New England to Florida also have become a passion as children and grandchildren almost always are visiting.

“We always seem to be chasing some-body around,’’ Mimi said. “They either come down or we go up.’’