Brevard is 72 miles of Paradise

Do you have all the special friends and family members surrounding you that you would like to have? Why not send your folks from the North a copy of the 2019 Boomer Guide as a subtle hint that it’s time to move to Florida and get started living right.

Living right means choosing a place to live that is low or no maintenance. It’s time to let others mow the grass and clear plugged toilets.

The Space Coast is the perfect place to enjoy what used to be our Golden Years. These days, boomers have no interest in going quietly into their retirement years, and don’t call them senior citizens, even if they have reached the magical Medicare age.

To keep our bodies healthy and functional through our last vibrant breath, more doctors, specialists, surgeons and other healthcare providers set up shop each year to target mature lifestyles. The Space Coast has the best medical community in existence, many providing services within the walls of carefree communities, with a plan for aging in place so you never have to relocate again. 

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