‘Parting Shot’ co-author returns to the page


Charlotte Corbeil, center, and family receive the first Corbeil award at the Corbeil Conservation Awards dinner in April.

photo by Mike Gaffey

Wildlife wisdom and habitat habits once had a regular home on the pages of Viera Voice, and starting in January that will again be true.

Charlotte Corbeil co-wrote a column with her husband Charlie to accompany his award-winning photos called “Parting Shot.” The column was discontinued and deeply missed after his sudden and unexpected death last fall.

“It was a shock and it hit me hard, as it did everyone who loved him. He was so incredibly special,” Charlotte Corbeil said. 

The return of Corbeil’s writing about wildlife will be welcome to readers, according to Viera Voice publisher Jill Blue-Gaines.

“Readers revere local wildlife and love reading about them and their habitats,” Blue-Gaines said. “I am thrilled Charlotte will continue to write about these important creatures and what they add to our lives.”

Corbeil’s column will be called Charlotte’s Web-Spinning Tales and will focus on the fauna and the flora of the Viera Wetlands and points across Brevard and beyond.