Beyond the Curb: The world is watching


Our eyes and ears turned to Paris after the monstrous attacks that took the lives of so many. Our hearts are with them. What an incredible loss for humanity; what a profound concern for what the world’s next steps will be.  

Paris, the City of Light where so many important events have taken place throughout history, was again the center of attention. Unfortunately, not for the upcoming Conference of Parties — COP21, the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change — but for a more pressing issue. The kind that transforms the way we live and has impact on everyone. 

Events like that make us stop and think to reevaluate where we are going. We feel the need to adjust course and focus on what we can do, what is important in life and for life. 

Events like the one of Nov. 13 give us one more reason to be forward-thinking and want to break free from fossil fuel and invest in clean energy. That is something we can do right now and organizations like The Climate Reality Project — — are willing to push to make that happen. Joining forces is crucial.

On Nov. 13 and 14, The Climate Reality Project was going to host 24 Hours of Reality, a live broadcast to connect the whole world for 24 hours to talk about solutions, demand action from our leaders and remind them that the world is watching. That program was suspended “out of solidarity to the French people and the city of Paris” after the attacks, but its goal lives on.

Climate change is a reality and affects all of us. This past October, the Indian River Lagoon levels hit an all-time high. 

“Throughout the year, the lagoon level typically varies by about a foot, with the peak in October. […] But this past month, the lagoon rose a bit higher than usual, even for October,” wrote Florida Today’s Jim Waymer. 

The reason? “Blame the seasonal slowing of the Gulf Stream. El Niño. Global warming. The moon. Hurricane Joaquin. Or all the above.”

Finding the means to “create a healthy, sustainable and prosperous future by making a planet-wide shift from dirty fossil fuels to clean, reliable and affordable renewable energy” needs to be made a priority. Through innovative solutions that start at a local level, we can engage people and make fundamental changes that will lead us to that future.

Just recently in Brevard County, Christine Kane, a fellow Climate Reality leader, took a step toward bringing home the decision on how to deal with plastic bags with views to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment. Kane’s recommendation was backed up by local government, and the resolution crafted by Brevard County’s Natural Resources Management Department to support “statewide home rule for the regulation of single-use plastic carry-out shopping bags” was approved by the County Commissioners. That is what Climate Reality Leadership is about.

Despite the attacks that took place in Paris, COP21 will proceed as planned. From Nov. 30 to Dec. 11, the world will be watching as leaders from around the globe meet in Paris to “achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate.” 

Keep watching. Their decisions will affect the future of us all.  

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