Fundraising concert on tap at Viera’s McNair


Members of the McNair Magnet School chorus, shown here during a performance of “School House Rock, Jr.” will put on a free concert Dec. 8 as part of the school’s Water Project. Photo courtesy of McNair Magnet School

As part of a school-wide project on the importance of clean drinking water, McNair Magnet School will host a chorus and orchestra concert in the school’s Performing Arts building at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8. The concert will feature winter-themed music as well as traditional orchestral and choral music.

The middle school serves Viera families east of Murrell Road. While admission is free, there will be a voluntary collection to benefit the school’s Water Project. 

The ultimate goal is to raise enough funds to build a water well in a country that needs one. Students take part in the project throughout their entire spectrum of classes as part of the school’s enriched integration of subject matter.

They learn about issues of water purity, scarcity and ownership as well as its fundamental necessity for sustaining life.

Science students will build a water filtration system in the classroom, giving them a chance to learn about the engineering and technical aspects of water management. They will also learn about the water cycle and research the recycling/conservation habits of McNair students and their families.

The Science Research class will work with the Brevard County Natural Resources Department and conduct water quality testing.

Math students will collect and put together statistical graphs related to rainfall and water consumption. While in Civics, they will look at the issues of water ownership and the political issues of water management and conservation.

Language Arts students will create and share school-wide public service announcements designed to motivate their fellow students in terms of fundraising and improving their conservation efforts.

Art classes will create posters or other types of artwork designed to help appreciate what a press release said is to “move our hearts to help those who do not have access to clean, safe water.”

Students taking physical education will learn about hydration, nutrition and the health of the human body.

In addition to raising money, the goal of the project is to “make a difference in water conservation, recycling efforts and raise the level of concern about good stewardship of planet Earth and of its precious resources.” For more information, call the school at 321-633-3630.