New Viera official wants to help homeowners associations


Eva Rey, the new director of community management for The Viera Company, is helping Viera’s homeowners associations. Photo by George White

Eva Rey brings specialized experience to the brand- new role of Director of Community Management for The Viera Company, working to develop resident-controlled homeowners associations.

Rey formerly served as executive director for the Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority, a 25-year-old master planned community in southeastern Manatee County near Sarasota on the east side of I-75.

“Viera is almost like a photocopy of Lakewood Ranch. Now, the area that I managed was smaller because I only managed the resident-controlled area, but the development itself is much, much larger.”

While there are similarities, as both are Florida developments of about the same age, it’s a completely different job for Rey in Viera.

“All of my educational experience has been in public administration, in the public governance side. This is on the private side of things. It’s the private sector,” she said.

Her role, generally speaking, is as a liaison between the residents associations and The Viera Company.

“I’m on the front end so I’m helping draft the documents, we’re forming the associations, we’re putting together the rules and regulations. There are some that exist. Once they are turned over to resident control, we don’t have a lot of contact with them,” she said.

“My role is to provide guidance and advice to those who have turned over. I just turned over an association at Fairway Lakes and they are possibly going to need some advice setting up committees,’’ she said.

In her new role, Rey sits on the boards of the residents associations still under developer control, she said.

“I was hired to be an ongoing resource as much as they want. If they want to continue to have me involved and use me as a resource for information, then I am here and available,” she said.

Homeowners associations help maintain the aesthetic integrity of the neighborhood, she said.

“It’s primarily maintenance driven. It’s to make sure their covenants are enforced.” 

Rey said she is jumping right in with all the homeowners associations and looking at a lot of processes in action and doing evaluations. And there’s more work to come, she said.

“Even as there are communities turning over, there are other communities coming on line. This is definitely a growing community and we have a long way to go. There’s always going to be new communities that need to be formed,” she said.

It’s an exciting time for Rey, even with the slight twist to her job from her former position.

“Obviously it’s a huge learning curve because it is something different for me, but I thrive on that. This is such a vibrant community and everybody has been so friendly and helpful, I am just very pleased,” she said.