New events specialist has varied background


Her first event as The Viera Company’s new events coordinator, Lexie Doyle outlined the route for the Nov. 28 Light Up Viera Parade. Photo by George White

Lexie Doyle, 27, has come to Viera to make sure the community knows what’s going on and the good works of The Viera Company and the Viera Community Institute.

Her unusual background gives her an interesting skill set for the events specialist position she took on in August. 

The big events include the Light Up Viera parade, The Viera Wetlands festival — being sponsored by The Viera Company for the first time — and the Great American Celebration in July.

Originally from Wisconsin, Doyle said she is excited about the possibilities for the festival at the Viera Wetlands.

“They’ve been doing it for the past seven years but this is the first year we are being involved. We obviously want to make it bigger and better. They reached out to us because our events in the past have been so successful. Honestly, it’s the event I’m most excited about because I love the outdoors,” she said.

Doyle earned a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. After a year at the University of South Carolina studying to be a biomedical engineer, she transferred to the University of Ulster in Belfast, Ireland.

That’s where her career took an unexpected turn.

“I couldn’t get into one of the classes I needed to take for my major so they plugged me into an advertising class and I absolutely fell in love with it and I switched my major. I came to do what I’m doing. I like working in the lab and being technical, but I really like being around people,” she said.

Before coming to Viera, Doyle worked two years for the Imaginarium Agency, the events and advertising agency that hosts the Tampa Bay Comic-con, Indiana Comic-con and San Francisco Comic-con.

“I love working here. I’m always busy but it’s not overwhelming yet. Everybody is nice and I meet tons of interesting people doing what I do,” she said.