Space Coast Basket Brigade feeds those less fortunate


Volunteers packed Thanksgiving meal baskets at Satellite High for deserving families in Brevard County.`

Rhea Gonzales

For the ninth consecutive year, the Space Coast Basket Brigade helped families around Brevard County have a happy Thanksgiving.

More than 1,700 volunteers packed and delivered Thanksgiving meal baskets to deserving families. The meal baskets were packed at Satellite High.

Erin Allen, one of the founders of the event, confirmed that more than 4,700 baskets were delivered to families in need in Brevard County. In 2009, Allen and her sister Keri packed four baskets during the inaugural brigade.

  Allen said the their brigade has grown each year because it has become more than a food drive. It has become an opportunity for volunteers to see what a difference their contribution is making for the community.

Next year, Allen hopes the 10th anniversary will be the best brigade ever. It will be a huge celebration for volunteers as they expect to deliver more baskets to every family in transition or homeless child in Brevard.

Alena Janik, an active leader for the brigade and a close friend of Allen, said as the event has expanded it has become more energized. The community has united toward a common goal.

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