Holy Trinity offers more opportunities at lower school


Holy Trinity Headmaster James Landi looks on as Lower School Team 6 students Bella Rogers, left, and Thalia Schrumpf use the latest tech tools during class time in the library. Rogers and Schrumpf are working with Makey Makey.

photo by carl kotala

Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy has a big goal in mind for its Lower School. 

“We want the Lower School program to be recognized as the elementary school program without peer in the region,” headmaster James Landi said. 

Well, when it comes to education … to be the best, you’ve got to provide the best. 

To that end, the Holy Trinity has come up with several initiatives to make its Lower School program even more enticing and accessible for families with bright-minded students. 

The Academic Merit Scholarship Program introduced last year has been expanded to include advanced fifth- and sixth-grade students who do not have the financial means to support a Holy Trinity education. 

For more details about the academic and financial assistance requirements, as well as the application process for the scholarship program, which now covers grades 5 to 12, go to htacademy.org. The deadline for applications is March 1. 

Holy Trinity Lower School Team 6 students Raina Wamsley, left, and Kaylie Johnson use the latest tech tools during class time in the library. Wamsley and Johnson are working with Squishy Circuits. | PHOTO BY CARL KOTALAHoly Trinity Lower School students also will have a new program debuting next fall which will be known as ASAP — Advanced STEAM Academic Program — for gifted students who already are working beyond their grade level. 

“Mr. Landi always talks about kids having angular talents and this program is going to meet the needs of those students who excel and are naturally talented in mathematics and science and perhaps have even been tested in engineering and coding and other aspects of STEAM,” said Catherine Koos, head of Holy Trinity’s Lower School. 

In order to qualify for ASAP, students must have excellent grades (an A average) and standardized test scores in mathematics or science in the 95th percentile or higher. A teacher’s recommendation also is required and after completing the application process, there will be an additional placement test in mathematics and writing along with an interview for potential candidates. 

The deadline to apply for the Advanced STEAM Academics Program is May 1. 

Students who complete ASAP will have an educational leg up when they get to the upper campus for middle and high school that will only help open the doors to more academic advancement. 

“We have 28 advance placement classes at the upper school, so they’re not going to run out of course work to take,” Koos said. “In addition to all AP calculus classes, they’ve got AP statistics and physics and chemistry. They’ll have lots of things to choose from. 

“There are also all of these engineering classes, some of which haven’t even been taught yet. They’ll be taught for the first time this fall.” 

If ASAP gets the same kind of community reaction as the Academic Merit Scholarship program, it will surely be a hit. The school already is seeing an uptick in local business and corporate donations since the academic scholarship program was introduced last year. 

Landi has introduced a number of new academic programs on the elementary, middle school and high school levels since arriving at Holy Trinity last year to help elevate the curriculum. 

With that in mind, he wants to promote the school’s high-level academic standing on both campuses. 

“There will be no other program as good as this program,” Landi said. “Meeting those individual needs and accelerating those kids with angular talents will be one of the things that we do. 

“We’ve done it to some extent. Now, we have a program that will really blossom.”