Local artist Eric Lamarr paints sea life scenes for The Avenue Viera


Local artist Eric Lamarr has created two watercolors, "Banana Docks" and "Sea Turtle and Coral" that are on display in the Central Park courtyard area at The Avenue Viera. | PHOTOS BY KATIE PARSONSPatrons at The Avenue Viera now have even more to look at when they shop or eat. 

Local artist Eric Lamarr has created two original pieces of art for The Avenue Viera that hang in the Central Park area. 

“Banana Docks” is an 8-by-12-foot watercolor that hangs near Planet Smoothie. “Sea Turtle and Coral” is a 5-by-7.5-foot watercolor hanging near World of Beer. Both face in to the Central Park area. 

“I’m really inspired by what I’ve seen in real life. That’s what I try to recreate,” Lamarr said. 

A native of Rockledge, Lamarr has made a name for himself as a local artist inspired by nautical and sea themes. A graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Lamarr has traveled the world from Key West to Cozumel to find inspiration for his work. 

To prepare the paintings for long-term outdoor display, Lamarr used UV ink and vinyl material. Lamarr has been commissioned to create two more paintings for The Avenue with the possibility for two after that. 

His next two pieces will depict an octopus and a tarpon and are expected to be completed in February. 

“Culture is really important to The Avenue Viera and we’re really trying to show that even more this year,” said Scott McCarthy, the general manager of The Avenue. 

McCarthy said the Central Park area, located in the courtyard behind restaurants such as Pizza Gallery and Panera Bread, will host more art festivals in coming years. On March 4 and 5, a craft festival will take over a portion of the parking lot at The Avenue. 

“I was so happy to connect with Eric on these paintings. I’m a big fan of his and I know our patrons will appreciate his work for years to come,” McCarthy said.  

To learn more about Eric Lamarr, go to ericlamarr.blogspot.com