Golf carts should undergo an inspection each day


Golf carts are a fun, Florida-friendly mode of transportation in Viera.

To ensure safety while driving to local destinations, it is important to inspect your golf cart every day. A daily inspection should include both a visual scrutiny and an exam of all functional parts of the golf cart.

According to Golf Carts Unlimited, an inspection should include the lights, tires, gears, brakes and windshield.

Lights: Check to ensure all lights are working, including the headlights, tail lights, brakes and turn signals.

Tires: Inspect tires for punctures, cuts and wear. Make sure to check the tire pressure using a tire pressure gauge.

Leaks: Check the ground for leakage from the golf cart. Check the battery and other fluids for leaks if indicated.

Vision: Clean all windshields and mirrors daily. Check the windshield wipers.

Operation: Check the gears, steering and brakes for smooth operation. Check any other safety items such as the horn, seat belts and mirrors.

Always refer to the owners' manual for other inspection and maintenance recommendations. For extra security, Golf Carts Unlimited offers an annual maintenance service for golf carts owners.