Golf suits Taube family to a tee


Jim and Dottie Taube play golf regularly at Viera East Golf Club.

Jeff Navin

Jim Taube loves to tell stories.Detroit was different when he was a child. Joe Louis was the king of boxing, the city of his youth ruled the flourishing auto industry and a fun day in the winter time included a game of hockey or perhaps just a race on skates.

“Joe Louis had a crush on a gal across the street,’’ said Taube, who at 93 years old still plays golf on a regular basis at Viera East Golf Club with his wife Dottie. “Her name was Elsie Roxborough and Joe would come over all the time. He really wanted to marry Elsie. He was the nicest person you’d ever want to meet. I once had a pair of his championship gloves. I ended up selling them for $10. I wish I had them now.’’

Taube possesses something more valuable than the old gloves — his health. He and his wife have lived in Viera for the past 11 years after moving north from Boynton Beach, where the couple met after both of their divorces. They have been married for the past 41 years.

Both have lived in Florida since the 1950s. Dottie, a native of New Jersey, moved to Florida in 1955 after graduating from Limestone College in South Carolina. Jim already had left Detroit earlier in the decade, taking a transfer from General Motors. He worked in public relations after graduating from the University of Illinois. Before that, he served in the Navy during World War II.

Dottie Taube played basketball in high school and started playing golf around 1970.

“Four of us girls were bankers and we were allowed to follow the men on Saturday at North Dade Golf Club,’’ Dottie Taube said. “Banking was very hard. You were nobody, and even though you would do what the men were doing, you got nothing. It was a lot of work for very little pay. I did well because I was good, but there definitely was partiality
toward men.’’

Besides golf, Jim Taube likes to ride his bike, swim and use the exercise room at Grand Isle. Dottie Taube does all of that plus yoga and pickleball, a variation of tennis, badminton and table tennis.

“I still have a martini every night,’’ Jim Taube joked. “I used to have two, but I’ve cut it down. I’m not that good a (golfer) anymore. About 12 or 13 years ago, my right eye was burned out and it ruptured. I had to have it removed to stop the bleeding. I’ve learned to adjust. My putting is not as good. I like the people here and I like this golf golf course. It’s not easy. The men’s group here is second to none.’’

“Keeping active will change your life,’’ Dottie Taube said. “We do something all the time. People are just lazy when they get older and make an excuse for everything. People can be athletic no matter the age. I like the companionship of golf
and being outdoors. It’s a challenge where you can have a good time.’’

Dottie Taube also doesn’t worry about the occasional bad golf shot.

“You just have to go on to the next hole,’’ she said. “If you don’t hit it right, you can’t blame the club. Some people can be very negative and that doesn’t make for good company. A golf course should definitely be a challenge. You don’t want to beat yourself to death.’’

Jim Taube accepts his limitations, refusing to fret if he forgets his golf shoes and doesn’t have time to go home to retrieve them.

“I’m not that good a player anymore, but Dottie used to beat me all the time,’’ he said. “I’m the oldest player here and I’m having fun.’’ 

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