Bingo night is all right


Williams Elementary has very exciting fundraisers. One of the first events this school year was Bingo Night.  At this fundraiser there were bingo games, dancing, music, food and a book fair. The cafeteria, where Bingo Night was held, was decorated with balloons and streamers along the stage where the bingo prizes were set up.  

The bingo games were very exciting and the teachers always found a fun and interesting way to announce the letters and numbers. Grade level by grade level, the new principal, Mr. Chris Reed, called kids up to dance. 

Our principal is interactive with the kids of Williams Elementary and adds excitement to our activities.  This is a very memorable thing about Mr. Reed. 

Bingo is always fun because you are playing with your friends and even if you don’t win, you still have a good time. The book fair was in the Media Center and it featured many new, interesting books.  

The PTO is a very big part of our school and Bingo Night was extremely fun, so the PTO deserves a thanks.