Rockledge Gardens donates hydroponic gardening system to young cancer patient


Tyler Tennity, far right, has received help from both his family and the owners of Rockledge Gardens in his fight against a rare bone cancer.

When 15-year-old Tyler Tennity found out he had Ewings Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer that affects young males more often than young women, he vowed to fight it with everything he had. 

The Palm Bay High School student wasn’t about to give up his love of gardening just because his immune system was compromised. When he learned about the dirt-free growing system offered in hydroponics, he decided to educate himself to see if he could cultivate fruits and vegetables that he loves in this water growing system.

Using coconut fiber and minerals along with perlite rather than soil and fertilizer to grow everything from lettuce to kale, to radishes and more, hydroponics incorporates water and minerals, which is perfect for those suffering froms immune deficiencies. 

The systems only look complicated. In fact, they are relatively easy to maintain once the basics are learned. Rockledge Gardens has complete setups to help almost anyone learn how to cultivate herbs and veggies in a dirt-free, water-based method.

Tyler, a Reggae enthusiast and avid cancer warrior, is a bright young man who knows that fighting for his life is an everyday endeavor. He had been growing plants in a standard soil-based garden prior to his doctor telling him he needed to stay away from anything that could compromise his immune system. He learned about hydroponics and talked to his parents about acquiring a growing system. 

However, the Rileys, who own Rockledge Gardens, put together a total of four complete systems to donate to the young man with a green thumb. 

“I am now hospitalized about every other day so I can’t tend to a regular garden anymore,” he said. “The fruits and vegetables you buy at local stores are chemical induced and unhealthy for most people. I want to produce pure fruits, vegetables, wheat grass and herbs not just for myself and my family, but for others as well.”

Rockledge Gardens has vowed to include Tyler's produce in its weekly farmer’s market offerings. He is excited about beginning this new venture with the help of his parents.

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