Charity begins on the 50-yard line


Feast on the 50 was organized by Dan Hancock, founder of the men’s group JustBeCAUSE, as a way to practice charity as a good example to their kids. Photos by George White

Dan Hancock, founder of the men’s group JustBeCAUSE, organized the Feast on the 50 event held in November as a way to gather friends to break bread and practice charity as a good example to their kids. Dan Hancock

“We are right now in the baby steps phase for JustBeCAUSE. We’re trying to grow up with this thing. We’ve been doing the men’s group events in the summers with the NFL players and this is my first branching out to do something like this,” he said.

The men’s events have been meaningful and well attended, but Hancock said he was left with the feeling that the group was now big enough to make more of a difference for the community at large.

“This year in particular it has grown, so now I feel like there’s movement with it. That’s kind of the neat thing about JustBeCAUSE. I can kind of pick and choose,” he said.

The aim of the Feast on the 50 event was to support families in need by collecting food for the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade at an unusual location for Thanksgiving dinner.

“I knew I wanted to do some kind of donation type of thing. I wanted our kids to have a sense of service. Because I have no idea who to give them to, I wanted to attach it to somebody big and support them,” he said.

Feast on the 50, an idea that has been around in different forms for a few years, was appropriate for Hancock as a youth football coach for the Suntree-Viera county youth league. The tables were set up on the actual 50-yard line at Viera Regional Park field where he coaches.

People brought tables, chairs and food to have a feast, and extra food to give. 

The event also was an opportunity to collect items for care packages for service members overseas. The Viera High JROTC was contacted to help find recipients for the personal items.

“I’m a football coach out here and, as hard as it is to do, I try to incorporate life skills and life thoughts. Most of the coaches at all levels try to teach beyond the Xs and Os. I coach 8 and 9 year olds. To find something for them to give back, I want them to know that if you have it good, give back,’’ Hancock said.

It took two months to organize the feast, he said.

“It’s definitely been a good response. The big picture is, you never know whose life you are going to make an impact on, so try to make it positive,” Hancock said.