Expanded golf cart use is now part of the development plan in Viera


Parking and other amenities for golf cart use are built into the Viera development plan for cart drivers like Terry Herbruck to access shopping, recreation and beyond.

photo by Mike Gaffey

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New construction in Viera provides expanded accommodations for golf cart use and golf cart parking at shops. Sidewalks in existence before the 2014 ordinance change for Viera requested by The Viera Company have been or are slated to be expanded to 8 feet to allow golf cart use.

“Residents clearly enjoy this amenity and we expect the popularity of golf carts to continue to grow,”  The Viera Company director of Community Management Eva M. Rey told members of the business community during a recent update on Viera development.

The new golf cart guidelines for Viera are sure to lure more residents to use golf carts to zip around the community. 

But risks and liability come with the enjoyment of using a golf cart as everyday transportation, according to legal and insurance representatives.

Golf carts may not be covered for liability under a homeowner's insurance policy when driven around town. Most insurers offer a policy add-on for recreational vehicles for a nominal annual fee. 

See the following list of rules that apply to both Viera and Suntree now that expanded golf cart use has been permitted in both communities. For more detail on rules specific to Viera, go to vieravoice.com/Docs/viera-cart-ordinance.pdf

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