North Suntree trails provide exercise, scenic views


Trail No. 1 is outlined in pink, and Trail No. 2 is in blue.

When northside Suntree residents learned of walking trails being marked south of Wickham Road, they immediately wanted ones in their area to showcase forested, lakefront and neatly manicured vistas in the area.

Marvin Thomas wanted better health for his neighbors and for youngsters to put down electronic devices and find themselves in nature.

Thus, North Suntree Exercise Trail No. 1 and No. 2 were born.

“We're trying to give as many amenities as possible to our residents to show them that there's more here than just having a nice place to live,” Suntree resident and community leader Thomas said. “They are great paths to stroll a baby, ride a bicycle, even drive a golf cart to get fresh air.”

Residents can find out more and pick up a free trail map from 8 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 7 at the Color Me Healthy 5K Run/Walk at Jack Mahon Park, 7550 Spyglass Hill Road in Suntree. Venue sponsor Suntree Master Homeowners Association will have a booth at the tandem information fair that is free and open to the public.

Both trails are marked with a painted yellow and white SMHA logo. The No. 1 trail is 2.6 miles long. To navigate it:

1) Start at the entrance to Jack Mahon Park.

2) Turn left to North Pinehurst Avenue.

3) Turn right on North Pinehurst into the golf cart lane going south.

4) Take the golf cart lane to the electric box on your right just after the second driveway to Suntree United Methodist Church, and before The Villages entrance of Woodside Drive.

5) Turn right onto pedway and go straight until you cross Willow Tree Drive.

6) Continue straight on pedway until wall along Wickham Road.

7) Turn left on pedway until you reach Pinehurst.

8) Cross Pinehurst into Mission Oak Drive a bit north, keeping to the pedway on the north side of Mission Oak.

9) Pedway turns left, lake will be to your left. Follow lake edge until pedway turns right, to Bayhead Drive.

10) Turn left on Bayhead to Myrtlewood Road.

11) Turn right onto Myrtlwood to the 20 mph speed sign.

12) Turn right onto pedway, keeping right on this trail to Mission Oak Drive.

13) Turn right on Mission Oak to Pinehurst.

14 Turn right on pedway along Pinehurst to Timberlake Drive.

15) Take Pinehurst golf cart lane back to Spyglass.

16) Turn left onto Spyglass and proceed back to starting point.

No. 2 trail is 2 miles long:

1) Start at entrance to Jack Mahon Park at Spyglass Hill Road.

2)  Turn right on Spyglass pedway to Forest Lake Drive.

3) Cross over spyglass onto Forest Lake pedway and proceed to Wickham Road.

4) Turn left on Wickham pedway to North Pinehurst.

5) Turn left on North Pinehurst along pedway and then golf cart lane back to Spyglass.

6) Cross Spyglass, turn left and take pedway back to starting point.

At all times, use pedways, sidewalks and golf cart lanes when available. Suntree trails south of Wickham Road will be featured in the February Viera Voice