Viera Boomer Bash & Senior Expo exceeds expectations


Martha and Richard Masiello were the expo winners of an iPad, provided by Senior Life.

Marc Rhodes

It was an exciting day for Joyce Stalfa. Sure, it was great fun watching line dancing, hearing live music, and tasting delicious foods from gourmet chefs at various senior communities. But the one thing the Senior Life Boomer Bash & Senior Expo at The Avenue Viera Nov. 18 gave her was courage ― courage to get her first smartphone. Senior Life is a sister paper of Viera Voice.

“My daughter is going to be so thrilled,” Stalfa said. “She has been after me to join the civilized world for ages so she can keep me posted on photos and family news. I have to say I am actually excited.”

The TECH Project team of experts on today's technology, are experts at removing the barrier of fear and mysticism that keeps many seniors disconnected from their loved ones and the world outside their four walls. The nonprofit group hosted the Tech Know Café at the event, where boomers and seniors could take classes and afterward work one-on-one to discover there were no dumb questions.

“What an amazing turnout. We were just blown away at all the people we were able to help,” TECH Project CEO Dr. Jamie Rost said.

The attractions were terrific, but the great prizes didn't hurt either, according to Richard and Martha Masiello, who won an iPad from
Senior Life.

“It's my first device of any kind,” Richard Masiello said. 

Martha Masiello credited the large venue, the 35,000-square-foot former Sports Authority, for making the popular fall expo the best ever.

“The Senior Life expos are always great,” Masiello said. “But they can attract thousands of people and you can't always get around to all the booths. We had time to talk to all the exhibitors about all the things they offered because there was plenty of room to spread out.”

Nancy and Rich Lussier won pickleball paddles after trying out the game at the event that is popular with boomers and seniors.

“It's so much fun,” Nancy Lussier said. 

Save the date for the next Senior Life expo, see page 18, the Boomer Guide Expo from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17 when the popular 2017 edition of the award-winning resource guide is released. The destination location is Larsen Motorsports in Palm Bay, a partnership with the Florida Institute of Technology that builds and races jet-engine dragsters. For more information or for sponsorship details, call 321-242-1235 or go to