Kindness Club at Suntree Elementary creates smiles for everyone

Members of the Suntree Elementary Kindness Club are excited about what they do for the community.


Courtesy of Tracy Seibert

A group of students at Suntree Elementary School have made it their goal to make others happy thanks to the organization of an uplifting new organization called the Kindness Club at the school.

“I started it last year, (it) was just an idea I had to increase kids’ awareness about creating a kindness culture at our school,’’ said Tracy Seibert, who works as an instructional coach at Suntree. “And so, when I sent out the flier to see who was interested, I had about 25 kids I would say. But in actuality, we ended at 35 last year and this year we’re over 50.’’

Students with the club, which Seibert said meets twice a month, have performed random acts of kindness around the school. That includes writing affirmation messages attached to a sticker, pencil or piece of candy that are handed out to students. They’ve also filled Easter eggs and hidden them in random places around the school to give students fun surprises. Cards have been made for faculty and staff at the school along with outside entities that include the Brevard Sharing Center.

In addition, club members, who Seibert notes are in grades third through sixth at the school, have helped with a toy drive for those at Nemour’s Children’s Hospital in Orlando. They also recently raised $600 for a relief fund to help victims of Hurricane Michael through various fundraising projects.

Siebert also notes that the club puts a particular emphasis on a word associated with kindness each month. December’s word is “sharing.”

“I love anything to do with Mrs. Siebert, but my very favorite was making posters for the toy drive at our school,’’ said fourth-grader Addison Dwenger in an email. “It was my favorite because I knew people would know about the toy drive and things.’’

“I loved doing the Random Acts of Kindness hidden in plastic eggs,” added fifth-grader Madison Kirk, also in an e-mail. “It was so fun to watch kids happy to find them.”

The students added they just wanted to give back and make positive differences when asked about why they wanted to be in the club.

“I joined the Kindness Club because I love being kind, helping people and being around other people,”Dwenger said.

“I don’t like bullying and I wanted to change it,” Kirk added.