Versatile Viera Volleys claim Space Coast Tennis League crown


Viera Volleys won the Spring 2015 A3 Mixed Doubles Championship of The Space Coast Tennis League.

Photo Courtesy of Chris McIntyre

The Viera Volleys are the Spring 2015 A3 Mixed Doubles Champions of the Space Coast Tennis League. The team will advance to A2 next season to face new competition.

The league plays a 15-week season with teams in 13 locations, and more than 1,000 adult players throughout Brevard County. The league holds tennis matches for mixed, men, seniors, women and doubles.

Team captain Chris McIntyre said, “Most of us play to have fun and we don’t take it too seriously, but winning makes everything better.”

The Viera Volleys edged out their closest competitor from Titusville by just two  points overall.

“Winning was a chore,” McIntyre said. “When we start the season, I try to give play time to everyone but when we got to the end of the season, I have to decide if I should play only the best or those who had not played as much. One gentleman on our team had not played in a while, but he came to practice with his wife. He made my decision easier, because in the end it was his choice. He told me to go for the championship and play the best players.”

McIntyre credits his co-captains and the entire team with the championship.

“It was a group effort and we were blessed enough to not have key injuries during our season.” 

Five of the 18 returning players are out with injuries.

Once a member signs up to play, there is no commitment past one season. McIntyre said some have played in the league a number of years.

Viera Volleys team members range in age from their 20s to well into their 60s. 

“We know each other from churches and other community activities,” McIntyre said. “We’re really just a bunch of folks who enjoy tennis and playing together. It has turned into a sort of social club that’s based on tennis. We do other things together, but conversation always comes back to tennis.”

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