DeLaura Middle School students win National Yearbook award


DeLaura yearbook staff earned the 2015 National Yearbook Award from Jostens. Shown with students from Viera/Suntree and other areas are English teacher Anna Nagy, left, DeLaura principal Bobby Pruett (in blue) and Jostens representative Chad Ragland, far right.

photo courtesy of Delaura middle school

DeLaura Middle School was the only school in Brevard County to receive the National Yearbook Program of Excellence Award. Only three schools in the central Florida area received the award given by Jostens, the country’s largest yearbook publisher.

Suntree/Viera residents Mackenzie Downie, Jordyn Welton, and Taryn Aebli were recipients of this elite award.

For a yearbook to qualify, 55 percent of the student population must buy the book, 50 percent of students have to be covered at least three times, and all deadlines need to be met, including cover deadlines and major page submissions. 

DeLaura Middle School can attribute its yearbook’s success to English teacher Anna Nagy’s tutelage and the student staff’s creativity and hard work. 

But, Nagy and the 20 students that comprise the yearbook staff know that making a yearbook isn’t just about taking pictures and putting them into a book. 

“It’s actually like running a business,” she said. “The kids learn how to talk to one another, how to interview, and how to remain objective. They learn how to write an email to someone they don’t know, and how to approach someone when they are frustrated. These are the life skills that these kids learn,” Nagy said.

The 2015-2016 themed yearbook entitled “Elements” is a spin on the Periodic Table of Elements. Student pictures appear in element squares, highlighting their specific interests, hobbies or skills and are scattered throughout the pages of the book.

Broken into segments, the book had a chronological element, a human element and a competitive element, among others. 

“At the end of the book, we did a periodic table that looks like DeLaura,” Nagy said. 

Nagy and her student staff will be recognized at the regional conference at Disney World in July. And, “Elements” will be featured at the national conference this summer, in addition to being in the Jostens National Look Book.

“The element is the most basic form and cannot be duplicated,” Nagy said. “At DeLaura, we only have students for two years, seventh and eighth grade, so this unique group of kids can never be duplicated.” she added.