Don’t wait! Prepare now for hurricanes


Hurricane Irma was threatening from the outset.


Hurricanes are hard to predict, slow moving and they cause a lot of damage. As far as natural disasters go, Earth doesn’t boast much more to be fearful of in Florida.

For those caught unaware or underprepared, it can mean an awful two or three months.

Hurricane season officially began June 1, but it usually doesn’t hit Florida with its full fury until Aug. 1.

The National Weather Services urges every Florida resident to have a hurricane survival kit.

Develop an evacuation plan. Do not wait. Find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation zone. Plan where to go and how to get there. Many Floridians choose to “ride out’’ a hurricane. Do not be one of those people. Be safe and evacuate.

Assemble disaster supplies. Purchasing supplies well in advance is a good plan. Don’t wait since the store’s shelves might be empty in a last-minute rush. A good household ratio is to have one week of food for each person.

When the power goes out, pharmacies can’t fill prescriptions. Have enough medication to last an extended period.

Hurricane survival kits should include:

  • Food and water
  • All necessary medication
  • Batteries, a radio and chargers
  • A full tank of gas for each automobile
  • An ample supply of cash

Trim trees, collect loose outdoor items, apply proper window coverings, secure doors and find a safe location for vehicles to prevent damage due to a hurricane.

Work with neighbors to make sure everyone is prepared for the worst. Collect supplies, assist with the evacuation process or simply call neighbors to see if they are prepared. They will appreciate it.

Complete a written plan. It’s too easy to forget something if it’s not on a written list. Emergency numbers should be on this list.

A family discussion about hurricanes also can help prevent last-minute mistakes or panic at the thought of evacuating