Purrfect Friends finds good homes for cats


Nancy Mallot holds Mocha, who is about a year old and is a Maine Coon Mix. She is very friendly, playful and loves to be brushed. She needs a home without dogs, young children or other cats.


Looking for a mature roommate and some companionship? This queen bee is friendly, seeks love and affection, but prefers life as the only “child” in an all-adult home. At a year old, Mocha, a rescue cat, is royalty waiting for conversation and cuddles.

Nancy Mellor, the owner of Purrfect Friends, a cat rescue located in Suntree, has both adult cats and kittens in coats of many colors, hair length and varieties from Siamese to Maine Coon. But the most important — she has kitties for adoption.

“Cats like Mocha sometimes go in a few weeks so for the harder-to-place ones that is where I am reaching to get the word out,” Mellor said. “Mocha would like a home of her own as the only cat child.”

Cat rescue has been in the area for 13 years.

“I started fostering kitties and I thought it would be something I wanted to do,” Mellor said. “The first was a mother with seven babies and I got hooked and saw a need for it. A lot of cats are euthanized and fostering saves lives. I decided I liked that and started my own rescue group in 2005.”

Housing the cats in her home, Mellor has seven other foster families helping and housing rescue kittens and cats.

“All our fosters see the cats have their vaccines and are spayed and neutered. We rescue from shelters or outside feral cats. We just make sure they are healthy and make sure they are adopted. We do not euthanize.

“I have a lot of repeat customers,” Mellor said. “I have been doing this so long that when they are ready for another cat they are coming back.”

To adopt, all it takes is a careful interview of the potential adopting family, an $85 adoption fee and a chance to have a photograph of the adopted cat in its new forever home.

Mellor receives and welcomes donations to run the rescue and is a 501(c)(3) pet rescue, so donations are tax deductible. To contact Mellor to adopt or donate, go to PurrfectFriendsFlorida.petfinder.com.