Special workshop teaches manners, offers tea


Loretta Fox guides Isabelle Pejie, center, and Lilly Pejie on the proper etiquette for a tea party

Jill Blue

Loretta Fox is resurrecting the lost art of good manners, one tea party at a time.

At the request of parents and grandparents familiar with her Creative Music, Art and Learning Center in Suntree, Fox has decided to offer a Family Manners and Tea workshop from 10:30 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 17. The cost for the workshop is $25 per child but, as a bonus, parents can participate for free.

Aimed at youngsters from kindergarten through fourth grade, the event will offer a gentle introduction to the rapidly disappearing art of good manners. Wrapped around the fun of a tea party, the workshop will teach children the basic tenets of a polite society.

“We’ll have a tea and we’ll talk about how to introduce themselves, how to sit at a table, how to set a table, how to eat nicely, how to engage in quiet conversation and how to thank the hostess,” said Fox, the owner and director of the Center.

While the kids are welcome to enjoy tea, lemonade also will be available to go along with the cookies, crumpets and tea sandwiches Fox plans to serve.

Fox realizes that teaching manners in today’s insult-ridden social media world can seem somewhat of an uphill battle.

“We forget to remind our children they need to be polite,” she said.

Good manners, she added, are vital for harmonious interaction.

“What would the world be like without manners?” she asked.

The Creative Music, Art and Learning Center is at 1299 Bedford Drive, Suite C, in Suntree. To register for the manners workshop and tea, call 321-255-0116. For more information, go to creativemusicart.com.