Summer fun can help the Indian River Lagoon


A Black Mangrove thrives on the banks of a spoil island at the Indian River Lagoon. The Brevard County Indian River Coalition urges people to treat the IRL with care.

Courtesy of Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Swimming, boating, picnics, beach time and gardening fill many summer days.

The ocean, Indian River Lagoon, parks and piers provide hundreds of opportunities to enjoy Brevard’s natural places. Help preserve these unique spaces as they are being enjoyed.

• Follow proper fueling techniques while boating. Don’t empty tanks into canals or the Indian River Lagoon. Use marine pump-out facilities and marine-approved cleaning products.

• Keep pesticides and pollutants out of waters. Put only clean water down street sewers or drains — no trash, no grass, no oil or soap.

• Plant a lagoon-friendly lawn. Obey the summer fertilizer ban from June 1 to Sept. 30. Minimize watering and blow grass clippings back on the lawn after mowing.

• Keep the Lagoon and Beaches free of trash. Don’t put cigarette butts on the beach and trails. The same goes for dog waste, which is loaded with harmful bacteria.

• Bring a container for leftovers while dining out. This cuts down on single-use plastics. Don’t use straws.

Because of a pivotal vote, there is a solid restoration plan based on science to help the Indian River Lagoon.

After two years, the progress is apparent. More than 130 projects such as converting septics to sewer, upgrading sewage treatment, removing muck, cleaning storm water and reestablishing natural shorelines have helped the IRL.

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