Viera Charter School begins expansion in September


The expansion of Viera Charter School is expected to begin in September. The current student population of 1,050 could increase to 1,562 for the 2020-2021 school year.

Viera Voice Artist rendering/Hannah Peterson

With a 4.6-acre land deal set to close with the Viera Company on Aug. 23, the Viera Charter School will begin its plans to expand its campus this September.

More security, expanded athletic facilities and more classrooms are part of the plan.

“We’re going to have the school gated for the safety of the kids,” said Robert Jordan Jr., the president and chairman of the Board of Viera Charter School, Inc.

Additional security features will include more cameras installed on the premises of the school.

Jordan also is chairman, president and CEO of RLJ Enterprises, Inc. in Titusville.

The school also will feature a new main entrance way and a shared driveway with a Viera Company yet to be named. The school’s parking lot will be expanded and accessible from Judge Fran Jamieson Way.

“We plan to break ground in early September,” Jordan said. “As it stands now, construction should be complete by early July. We will then have a month to get the buildings furnished.”

Thirty new classrooms will permit the school to increase its current student population of 1,050 students to 1,562 students for the 2020-2021 school year.

The school will feature a new cafeteria, serving lunches earlier in the school day. The new gymnasium will seat 650 students in pullout bleachers. In addition to athletic events, it will be used for graduation ceremonies and plays.

A running track and a multi-use field for soccer and baseball also will be added.

Existing buildings will be refurbished and the vestibule area will be enlarged. A gathering place for teachers, an IT area and an enhanced administration area also will be part of the plan.

“The design we had was very cramped and not a good flow to get the job done,” Jordan said. “We had coffee machines and teachers’ cubies next to the principal’s office. It was hard to get things done because it was so loud.

“We’re still working on the design and it’s going to be a beautiful facility,” Jordan said.

Viera Charter School, Inc. is located at 6206 Breslay Drive in Viera. For information, go to or call 321-541-1434.