Romantic art by Coules found in homes throughout the world


Debi Coules’ art includes animals, romance, fashion and floral. Some of her artwork is on display at the Art Gallery of Viera.

Judy Berman

Artist Debi Coules lends a golden touch to “shabby chic,” and French fashion, and breathes new life into antique pieces.

She paints on wood, canvas, glass, whatever surface she finds, “preferably something old that needs a bit of a face lift.” 

“I call it romantic art because I like using a soft palette and I incorporate florals into my work,” said Coules, who is originally from Boston and has lived in Florida since 2012.

Those flowers can be a rose crown atop a placid cow’s head as she sits in a farmhouse tub, on a serene angel, fashionable couture, or painted on recycled furniture. Her husband, Michael, makes cabinets, tables and shelves. Then, Debi Coules paints them.

“My work has found homes all over the globe and has been featured in many publications,” she stated on her web page.

Coules’ art is on display at the Art Gallery of Viera in The Avenue.

“My customers are obsessed with pink. At least for the shabby chic side,” Coules said.

She admires Monet, an Impressionist, for his use of color, his short strokes. 

“They made me feel like I was in a different world. The peacefulness of it. It makes me stop in my tracks when I see it,” Coules said.

Beryl Maley, a friend and painting partner of Coules, loves her style. She said a friend visiting from England was so impressed with Coules’ work that she bought three paintings on the spot.

“Her colors are beautiful. I like the lightness. It’s so delicate. Her work is exquisite,” Maley said.

Coules’ art also was praised by Nanette Hebdige of West Palm Beach, an estate manager. She often recommends Coules’ work to her customers. Coules does commissioned work.

“Coules transforms an old antique table and gives it new life,” Hebdige said.

She praised Coules’ versatility, soft and lovely colors, and her art that can be whimsical or romantic.

“She’s got a very honed eye on the palette she has to work with. (Coules) paints delicate flowers and birds on glass that she buys and refurbishes. Then, finishes it with gold leaf,” Hebdige said.

Coules feels “there is romance and beauty in all that I see and I try to bring that to all I do.”