Lentini claims first-ever DMGA Cup


The Chase to the DMGA Cup 2015 sponsor Dr. David Hernandez, left, stands with winners Joe Lentini, Jerry McAnulty, Pete Sora and Bruce Miller, joined by Duran head golf pro Matt Morrison and general manager David Tomczak.

photo by George White

Joe Lentini couldn’t seem to stop smiling.

The 72-year-old Melbourne resident had just been handed the first Duran Men’s Golf Association (DMGA) Cup after winning the season-ending tournament.

“It was very exciting,” Lentini said of the tournament final, where he shot 78 to win the final foursome.

Jerry McAnulty finished second, Pete Sora was third and Bruce Miller was fourth.

Dr. David Hernandez of HD Dental sponsored the inaugural Cup event, which took place with the help of Duran head golf pro Matt Morrison and general manager David Tomczak.

Seventy-five golfers, with handicaps ranging from 36 to 6, took part in the event which ran from October through April. Players earned points based on their weekly DMGA finish.

That led up to the final four weeks of the season, where the top 32 players competed against each other with half of the field being eliminated each week until it came down to the final group.

The prize pool was $1,600.

Lentini, who moved to Florida from Boston in 1975, didn’t start playing golf until he was 35. Of his final round, he said he played well, jumping out to a four-shot lead early and then hanging on for the win.

“I wasn’t aggressive (after I got the lead),” he said. “I was playing to hold my own. It was just amazing that it held on.”

That gave him a chance to become the first to hoist the Cup at the group’s end-of-the-season luncheon.

“It’s pretty heavy, too,” he said.