Butterflies land at the Brevard Zoo


Photo by Katie Sivco

If you’re looking for something unique and fun to do this summer, the Brevard Zoo has you covered.

An exciting new exhibit, known as Butterflies & The Magic of Nature, just opened for the summer. “Butterflies are really just these things of beauty and magic, and we wanted to point out that’s everywhere,” said Keith Winsten, executive director of the Brevard Zoo. Here, guests can immerse themselves in an enchanted butterfly aviary, along with other open animal habitats. Included in the exhibit are baby Nubian goats, a giant alligator snapping turtle, colorful birds, as well as training demonstrations and hands-on nature play activities.

The new exhibit also highlights the importance of pollinators in the environment and how people can protect butterflies. “We wanted to educate people about how they can make their yards and their communities more butterfly friendly, by doing things like planting native flowers and protecting other wildlife,” said Elliot Zirulnik, Brevard Zoo's communications manager.

Butterflies & the Magic of Nature is free with zoo admission. It’s also a temporary exhibit, so be sure to witness the magic before September 30.


Watch the video: