Holy Trinity Latin students finish third in state


Holy Trinity Latin students display their third-place trophy from the year's State Latin Forum.


Holy Trinity Latin students had a lot to be happy about after this year’s State Latin Forum.

Though they repeated their third-place finish from last year, the students scored more points (321) than any other Holy Trinity team in history, won a number of individual honors, and placed two officers on the Florida Junior Classical League (FJCL) board.

“As long as our points went up, I can’t (complain),” Holy Trinity Latin teacher — and FJCL chair — Adam Mize said.

“I told the kids (I’ll be happy) as long as we do a little bit better each year. I have aspirations of doing even better, but I was happy with it. First time over 300 points.”

Before Mize arrived at Holy Trinity three years ago, the highest the school had finished in the competition was 11th. Over the past three years, the students have finished eighth and now third for two consecutive years.

While the students were hoping to place higher than last year, they were encouraged that they increased their point total.

Esha Patel, who served as technology coordinator this past year, was elected by her peers to be the Parliamentarian of next year’s student board that will help run the forum.

“It was a really good experience being on the board and I wanted to do that again,” she said.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Varnes will step into the role of technology coordinator after watching Patel handle the job last year.

“I’ve been going to Latin Forum for three years now, and I think getting to plan it and to help run the event was something I wanted to do,” Varnes said. “As the technology coordinator, I help Mr. Mize run the website and we all have access to the social media for the FJCL.

“I’ve had experience with that because I run the social media for our school newspaper (The Growl) and I’m going to be the online editor for that next year. I think all of that will run together.”

Patel and Varnes were just two of 25 Holy Trinity students to take home honors from this year’s 69th state forum, which featured 60 schools from around the state. The others were: Naomi Aguilar, Matt Allen, Ryan Bain- Darby, Emma Baumgartner, Mia Garvey, Sarah Gerrity, Priya Gutta, Aidan Johnson, Nathan Joseph, Nasserie Kamara, Colin McLaughlin, Joshua Nunes, Brianna Ramnath, Sammi Reed, Tyler Rydson, Sakthi Sabapathy, Gabby Salyer, Kalee Taylor, Grant Thorpe, Michael Tomadakis, Isabella Weiner, Kathryn Welch and Bailey White.

Patel said taking Latin at Holy Trinity has turned out to be even more rewarding than she first thought it would be. “I’ve been wanting to go into medicine since I was young, so I thought Latin, maybe the roots would help me with medical terminology and such,” she said.

“After I took it, I realized it helped me with more than that — grammar, vocab, all sorts of different conventions. That just made me more interested. And going to the forums is so much fun. You learn a lot more,” Patel said.