Quest Elementary breaks out the bikes for special day


Patrick Spivey, 11, left, and Bruce VanKregten, 12, park their bicycles in the bike lot of Quest Elementary School on National Bike-to-School Day.

VIERA VOICE Darrell Woehler

Encouraged to promote safety and physical education, many students at Quest Elementary School rode their bicycles to school May 9 as they participated in National Bike-to-School Day.

Quest Elementary has 1,040 students.

Christina Nestor and physical education teachers supported the Bike Day, which encouraged safety. That included wearing helmets and following the rules of the road. Promoting exercise also was a theme for the day.

Nestor handed out bike safety brochures as the students locked up their bikes at the school’s bike racks.

Exercise wasn’t just for the children as Kelli Peck cycled with her son, sixth-grader Brice VanKregten, and their neighbor Patrick Spivey, a fifth grader.

According to Christine Boyd, the first-year principal at Quest Elementary, that day also coincided with Teacher Appreciation Day.

Niko and Enzo Scalise, second and third graders, respectively, had to make a difficult decision.

They decided to travel by car that day instead. They left their bikes at home, bringing large flower pots and blooming flowers for their favorite teachers.

Appreciation Week at Quest also honored various staff and maintenance workers.