Make early preparations for hurricane season


It's never too early to prepare for hurricanes in Brevard County.


More than 100 people gathered at the Springs of Suntree clubhouse on May 8 as the Suntree Master Homeowners Association and the Springs of Suntree teamed with the Brevard County Office of Emergency Management to host a hurricane preparedness event.

“Obviously, we want the majority of people to be informed,” said Todd Foley, the SMHA general manager. “I’d rather them ask the questions now than the day before or immediately afterward when our stress levels are high and we’re trying to put the communities together. It’s definitely beneficial that they have the answer to their questions at this point.”

The event featured speakers from Brevard Emergency Management in addition to Brevard County Fire Rescue, State Farm Insurance, 5-Star Claims Adjusting, Paul Davis Restoration and One Senior Place. All were educated speakers on how to prepare for hurricane season.

One of the speakers, John Scott, who serves as operations manager for Brevard Emergency Management, discussed how residents should make decisions as they relate to evacuations.

“We very much want to educate folks on the risks they’re facing and make sure they understand what the true level of need they have (is). So are they in a place where they can safely stay? Or are they in a place where they need to evacuate?,” Scott said.

Scott discussed the circumstances under which Viera and Suntree residents should and shouldn’t leave as well, noting that those in mobile homes should evacuate as ordered and that those in constructed housing should evaluate the integrity of their roof, windows and doors. He suggested some residents might want to have wind mitigation tests performed on their homes.

“Obviously, the newer the home, the stronger the building codes so that helps quite a bit,” Scott said. “The other big thing I’ll talk about is just in general. Florida has an older population, an aging population and all of us have medical issues. So, make sure that that’s part of it. The need for water from a reliable source, the need for a reliable connectivity to power. If your health depends on either of those two, make sure you’re going somewhere where you can do that.”

It was the second-annual event, with the first being held in August last year.

“We wanted to make sure that the residents have all the information necessary to be safe and knowledgeable during hurricane season,” Parente added.

Patrons in attendance also were treated to food and drinks and were able to win door prizes and raffles as well.