New stickers promote vibrant Viera


Two new stickers are available to display Viera's hometown pride.

Courtesy of The Viera Company

Gas up the car, throw the suitcases in the trunk and make sure the children go to the bathroom before the car backs out of the driveway.

It’s time for a summer vacation!

Whether it’s a trip to the mountains of North Carolina for some relief from the hot weather, a journey to Maine for some lobster or a multi-state jaunt to visit several baseball stadiums, every car needs a special sticker for the back windshield.

Viera residents have two choices. There’s the basic sticker, which lets everyone know that Viera was established in 1989.

This sticker will have children from all over asking their parents, “What’s a Viera?’’ That’s when they’re not asking, “Are we there yet? Or, “I have to go to the bathroom.’’

The second choice is the happy “I (heart/love) Viera” with Viera, Florida adorned on the bottom.

Go with both stickers. Viera’s a fun place to live and it deserves a little promotion on those long summer drives.

Don’t forget that golf carts, bicycles, backpacks, baseball caps, fishing tackle boxes, boats, store windows and wagons could use a sticker, too.

A sticker also could be used to cover the dent on the bumper of a vehicle.

The stickers are available at the Viera Voice office at 7630 N. Wickham Road, Suite 105, in Suntree or at the Viera Discovery Center in The Avenue Viera at  2261 Town Center Ave., #105 in Viera.