Medical equipment bank is seeking immediate donations


The Sunflower House, a service of Aging Matters in Brevard, is currently seeking several specific donations for its medical equipment bank. The bank’s needs change based on requests that come in, and right now they need wheelchairs, walkers with seats, canes and shower chairs.

The Sunflower House starts requesting donations when they are having difficulty meeting the demand for certain items. “Walkers with seats are super, super popular,” said Jeanne Hakkila-Wills, the vice president of mission advancement for Aging Matters in Brevard.

The donation-based program lends equipment to individuals age 60 and older, or to their caregivers, when they can’t afford to purchase it themselves. The bank is always accepting donations, and when people call offering walkers, canes, bedside commodes and other things, the Sunflower House decides whether it’s something they can use.

“We want to promote and maintain independence,” said Hakkila-Wills. She said their goal is to keep seniors happy, healthy, safe and in their homes. “It’s grab bars, it’s nutrition, it’s ramps, it’s anything we can do to help you maintain that quality of life.” 

Sunflower House is located in the Merritt Square Mall. To make an appointment to drop off or pick up equipment, call 

321-452-4341. VV